CAM Image Competition Winners

Miniature Big Bang by Negar Mahmoudi Greetings from a Greener Past by Michael Frese Bacteria Induced Cell Explosion by Anya Zhao
31 October 2022

Thanks to everyone who entered the 2022 CAM Image Competition. The judges were very impressed with the stunning submissions we received. The following 3 images came out on tip:​​

1st Prize: Miniature Big Bang by Negar Mahmoudi

A ZEISS LSM800 image showing the newly induced neurons from reactive astrocytes

2nd Prize: Greetings from a Greener Past by Michael Frese

An artificially coloured scanning electron micro-photograph (from the FEI Quanta QEMSCAN) showing details of a fossilized fern leaflet, including internal casts of hypodermal cells (green; up to 20 µm wide) complete with plasmodesmata (yellow; channels that traverse the cell walls of adjacent cells to enable transport and communication).

3rd Prize: Bacteria Induced Cell Explosion by Anya Zhao

A ZEISS Ultra Plus SEM image of deadly bacterium known as Listeria (coloured in red) causes explosive cell death of an immune cell (coloured in green), revealing its condensed, yolk-shaped nucleus (coloured in blue).

Congratulations to Negar and Michael and Anya, and thank you to everyone who participated.

A gallery of all this years images will be up on the website soon.