First Cryo-EM suite in the ACT

CAM's cryo suite instruments: ZEISS Crossbeam, JEOL F200 and JEOL CryoARM
15 October 2021

In the last 12 months, the Centre for Advanced Microscopy (CAM), ANU, has established an NCRIS-supported cryo-EM suite featuring two high-end transmission electron microscopes for screening and automated data analysis of frozen samples for single particle analysis, MicroED and tomography (JEOL JEMF200 and JEOL 200kV CryoARM) and a ZEISS Crossbeam 550 FIB-SEM. The latter comprises a Leica cryo stage and transfer system which facilitates cryo block face imaging, as well as the production of on-grid and lift-out TEM lamella for viewing in the JEOL 200kV CryoARM.

For a correlative workflow, additional upgrades include a new Linkham Scientific cryo stage (CMS196) for the ZEISS LSM800 with Airyscan and ZEISS Atlas 5 and ZEN Connect software, which facilitate an enhanced workflow for correlative cryo-light microscopy and tomography/3D cryo volume imaging.

Please contact CAM if you have any questions regarding these instruments.