Seminar on 3D imaging capabilities for electron microscopy

Seminar presenters

Date & time

2–3pm 20 May 2015


John Curtin School of Medical Research
Seminar Room 1
Level 3, Room 3.377


Steve Pfeiffer, RMC Boekeler
Terence Da Silva, Zeiss


 Josie Smith
 02 6125 3543

Exciting new developments in Electron Microscopy 3-D imaging and 3-D reconstruction

CAM will be hosting a seminar on Electron Microscopy 3-D imaging and 3-D reconstruction.

Scanning electron microscopy is capable of imaging biological microstructures in amazing resolutions that can be combined with 3D imaging providing further insight to see the whole picture. Various techniques can be employed to image samples in 3D and find your region of interest.

The two seminars will provide an overview of recent strides in instrumentation that greatly facilitate generation of 3D data sets using electron microscopy. These advances have the potential to do for electron microscopy what confocal microscopy did for light microscopy.

Steve Pfeiffer will look into the use of the scanning electron microscopy in back scatter electron detection mode enabling the development of serial block face SEM (SBFSEM), focused ion beam (FIB) and the automatic tape-collecting microtome (ATUMtome) to produce images quite equivalent to TEM images at magnifications up to 10,000x. With the SBFSEM and ATUMtome, much larger block faces are routine and no grids are used. All of these techniques have the capability of producing thousands of images or sections in serial order.

Terence da Silva will further introduce Atlas Array Tomography including correlative microscopy across a range of microscopes. Each technique will be briefly discussed, as well as their uses and limitations.

Exciting new developments in Electron Microscopy 3-D imaging and 3-D reconstruction (PDF 186KB)



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