The Centre for Advanced Microscopy (CAM) provides open access, state-of-the art microscopy and microanalysis equipment and expertise to national and international researchers, students and industry partners in the materials and life sciences.
Microscopy Australia
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CAM's specialist staff are here to help users with sample preparation and instrument allocation to support their research across all material and life science disciplines.

Together, the Centre for Advanced Microscopy and the CTLab form the ANU node of Microscopy Australia, established under the Commonwealth Government's National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS).

Acknowledgements - help us to help you

As a condition of access to CAM resources at educational rates, users are required to:

  1. Acknowledge CAM in any publications or conference paper for which images, data, staff knowledge or input has been obtained from CAM and/or the CTLab. The followng acknowledgment may be used: The authors acknowledge the instruments and expertise of Microscopy Australia at the Centre for Advanced Microscopy, Australian National University, a facility that is funded by the University and the Federal Government through NCRIS.
  2. Lodge copies of your publications with CAM reception.

When you acknowledge CAM in your publications, you’re helping us to build a case for future funding and equipment renewal. This also assists us in continuing to provide access at subsidised prices.