Data storage

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File storage, archiving, calibration etc. are your responsibility

Although EMU staff will help sort out problems as much as we can. A situation in which many people are shuffling large amounts of data from various sources through many PCs and a network in an open access situation is heavily dependent upon all users being responsible, thoughtful of others, computer- literate.... well, we may be optimists but by and large it does work, with the help and goodwill of the RSBS Computing Section.

Do not use your standard ANU login on CAM PCs.

No data storage within the Unit should be regarded as safe. We strongly recommend that you back up immediately -we do not make backups of user data, and accidents do happen.

Where there is space, files may be kept on local hard disks for a short time - check arrangements for the particular computer. Staff may delete files with no warning.

Space is available for ANU EMU users on the RSBS central network, 'EMU Facilities'. This is for short-term storage - a few days or so - to aid in transfering files to other systems. Files left on the central network are automatically deleted after two weeks, but it is much preferred if you remove your own.

External FTP access to network stored data on "EMU Facilities"/users/...: address is and "anuemu" is the login and password.

On 'EMU Facilities' you will also see folders labelled with staff numbers - these belong to RSBS users. These users can log in to the EMU computers as 'anuemu', and any files stored in their own folders will be accessible when they log in on their home PCs. Note that from the anuemu login , once a file is transferred to one of these folders it can no longer be seen - in other words you can use these folders to transfer files, but not as a work area on the Unit PCs. However if you do put files in the wrong place, the EMU staff can retrieve them for you. RSBSers having problems accessing files in their own folder should contact the CU.

Remember - Networked drives are for storage for a few days only. Local hard drive storage depends on the particular computer but files left without clearly defined owners and "delete" dates will be wiped at intervals without notice.

Making Measurements?....remember to check calibrations.......the responsibility is ultimately yours!

And finally - please do not run your own programs or netsurf on the unit computers, and never, ever tinker with hardware or system configurations.

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