Data storage

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File storage, archiving, calibration etc. are your responsibility

In accordance with the ANU policy on Responsible Conduct of Research (ANUP_007402), it is ANU researchers’ responsibility to ‘retain … secure and complete records of all research including research data and primary material.’. Researchers must also develop a data management plan for the storage, use, re-use, access, maintenance, and destruction of their research data and records.

When using CAM facilities, please follow the ANU guideline on Conduct of Research (ANUP_007403).

Research data management

To understand how to manage your research data and to create your research data management plan(s), please refer to ANU Library’s research data management webpage: and the ANU Research Data Management Manual:

Temporary data storage

CAM’s IT environment involves many people transferring large amounts of data from various sources through multiple PCs in an open access network. Whilst CAM staff will help sort out problems as much as we can, we heavily depend on users to be responsible and considerate of others, and thank you for your cooperation in this respect.

The following rules must be adhered to while accessing and using CAM PCs:

  • Do not use your standard ANU login on CAM PCs. Please ask CAM staff for a login.
  • No data storage within the instrument PCs, or post processing PCs should be regarded as safe. We strongly recommend that you back up immediately- we do not make backups of user data, and ACCIDENTS DO HAPPEN.
  • Where there is space, files may be kept on local hard disks for a short time - check arrangements for the particular computer. Staff may delete files from the local hard disk without warning.
  • Your CAM-provided data folder is short-term storage only - a few days or so - to aid in transferring files to other systems. Files left on the central network are automatically deleted after two weeks, but it is much preferred if you remove them yourself.
  • Please consult CAM staff if you have problems accessing or copying your data.
  • Please do not run your own programs or netsurf on the unit computers, and never, ever tinker with hardware or system configurations.

Data storage options

How can you prepare for storing your data before you start using CAM equipment?

Below are a few options for your reference. Please note that CAM does not operate these storage systems, and any questions about these options should be directed to the ANU ITS Service Desk.

Storage Options

ANU OneDrive for Business

ANU SharePoint



1 TB default

1 TB default

1 TB


Max. 5 TB by request to ANU ITS service desk

Max. 25 TBytes by request to ANU ITS service desk

Option to purchase additional storage


ANU Uni-ID account

ANU Uni-ID account

Australian academic account via Australian Access Federation

Suitable Users

ANU staff and students

ANU staff and students

All users from Australian academic institutions


Remember - Networked drives at CAM are for storage for a few days only. Local hard drive storage depends on the particular computer but files left without clearly defined owners and "delete" dates will be wiped at intervals without notice.

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