Zeiss Axio Observer / Cell Observer

"Fireworks": an Axio Observer image of infected astrocytes captured by Negar Mahmoudi "Fireworks": an Axio Observer image of infected astrocytes captured by Negar Mahmoudi

The Axio Observer is a flexible, motorised, inverted, epifluorescence microscope capable of multimodal imaging of living and fixed specimens. It is equipped with a large cage style temperature-controlled incubator and an Okolab stage top chamber with temperature, humidity and CO2/air control. Fluorescent imaging modalities of Widefield, 3D Deconvolution and Apotome.2 optical sectioning are available.

The default optical configuration is suitable for slide-based samples and low-resolution imaging of multiwell plates, the system can be easily reconfigured by CAM staff to be optimal for either PE CellCarrier Ultra plates, or traditional flat bottom cell culture plates.

Using the ZEN software you can control the filters, shutters, camera, and stage simultaneously to configure multi-color, multi-dimension, (XYZCT), imaging in multiple stage positions. Definite Focus to provide automated stable hardware focus control is available for long time-lapse acquisitions.

Equipped with both a high sensitivity cooled monochrome and a high-speed (38FPS) colour camera, in combination with advanced tiling features this system is ideally suited to large area imaging of both fluorescent and histological samples.

High performance HP Z840 workstation, five fluorescent filter cubes installed, covering UV- 680nm excitation.

Available lenses: 5, 10, 20, 40x dry, 20 and 40x LWD for plates, 40, 63 and 100x oil, 25X multi-immersion and 40x W