New Possibilities in Confocal Imaging: Leica Demonstration at CAM

CAM is calling for interested users to demo a new confocal platform from Leica Microsystems: the STELLARIS 8. From the 6th-10th December, users are invited to bring their own samples in for imaging on the new platform, which features:

  • The next generation White Light Laser with excitation range from 440-790 nm.
  • Power Hybrid Detectors with extended spectral detection range up to 850 nm.
  • Enhanced detection efficiency and the optimal match of excitation and detection enabling long term gentle live cell imaging.
  • Fully integrated lifetime based imaging techniques, including TauSense and FALCON. It gives access to functional imaging, allows removal of undesired signal contribution and enables separation of spectrally overlapping fluorophores.
  • Reflection imaging available for all WLL excitation lines thanks to AOBS and Power HyD-S detectors.

You can read more about the STELLARIS here.

Please note, if you would like to test out the possibilities of the STELLARIS 8, you will need to book a demonstration time-slot. Please contact CAMDaryl Webb or Melanie Rug to book.