Seminar: Lattice Light-Sheet Microscopy for Quantitative 4D Cell Biology

Lattice light-sheet microscopy has been a transformative technology in the field of live-cell imaging with the ability resolve sub-cellular detail with high spatiotemporal  resolution whilst being as minimally toxic to the biological system under investigation. This talk will focus on how 4D lattice light-sheet microscopy has enabled researchers at WEHI to make new discoveries in the fields of cell death and malaria. It will include an overview of the CDI's lattice lightsheet capabilities and the implementation of this
technology as a developmental optical platform as well as the recently released commercial Zeiss Lattice light-sheet 7. Technologies such as light sheet microscopy are transforming the way we can perform quantitative biology in real-time and this talk hopes to illuminate several challenges and opportunities in the field of 4D-cell biology.

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