Chung-Han Tsai

Data Analytics Engineer

Chung-Han received his professional engineering degree (B.Sci.Eng.) from Queen’s University, Canada, with a stream of specialisation in electronics and photonics. He completed postgraduate studies and a Masters degree in Australia with a strong focus in computing, computer vision, and business analytics (Wirtschaftsinformatik).

After being an associate in a legal services industry for two years, he moved to Lund, Sweden, for an advanced study in integrated circuit design with a European semiconductor process technology, FD-SOI. Following the dynamic technology trends, he developed his computing and AI technologies skill sets in Australia before joining a leading global company in providing network-attached storage solutions in Eastern Asia for a client-facing role with technology specialties in both hardware and software. 

Previously he joined QUT (based in Canberra) as a Research Associate in Clinical Sciences, working in medical image analysis with AI/deep learning technologies for bridging different fields.

He joined the Centre for Advanced Microscopy (CAM) in 2021 as a Data Analytics Engineer. He has devoted himself to engineering automatic data workflows and data processing pipelines for raw research data, generated by electron microscopes, toward final research data for researchers. 

C.-H. Tsai et al., “Automatic deep learning-based pleural effusion classification in lung ultrasound images for respiratory pathology diagnosis,” Phys. Medica, vol. 83, pp. 38–45, 2021, doi: