Daryl Webb

Light Microscopy Specialist

Daryl joined the Immunology Unit at The Menzies School of Health Research in Darwin in 1988 as a laboratory assistant  and progressed to Flow Cytometry facility manager all whist completing a broad based BSc (NTU) and an MSc(med)-Preliminary (Syd) in Human Retrovirology part time.

In 1994 he moved to the Waite Agricultural Research Institute (Adelaide), to undertake PhD studies on Viroids and Phytoplasmas under the ever watchful gaze of Prof Bob Symons. During this time he developed RNA in situ hydridisation techniques for Light and Electron Microscopy

Then followed a short stint with a joint appointment as both Microarray Facility Manager (U Adel) and Research officer – (Goodall Lab, Hanson Institute, IMVS).

Another joint appointment as Head of Advanced Light Microscopy (Plant Cell Biology, RSBS) and Wellcome Trust Multiphoton Microscope Manager (Dept. of Neuroscience, JCSMR) saw him join the ANU in late 2000.

Since then, he has dedicated himself to all that is microscopy. 

In 2003 the RSBS component transferred to ANUEMU/ CAM and since 2009 he has been the Light Microscopy Specialist at CAM.

Research interests

Your research is my Interest!

Areas of special expertise

  • Biological fluorescent and confocal microscopy
  • Diagnostic assay design
  • Broad based Plant and Human Virology/Immunology background

Selected publications

Ashok, D., Taheri, M., Garg, P., Webb, D., Parajuli, P., Wang, Y., Funnell, B., Taylor, B., Tscharke, D. C., Tsuzuki, T., Verma, N. K., Tricoli, A., Nisbet, D. R.,  (2022) Shielding Surfaces from Viruses and Bacteria with a Multiscale Coating. Adv. Sci. 9, 2201415.

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Cesari S, Moore J, Chen C, Webb D, Periyannan S, Mago R, Bernoux M, Lagudah ES, Dodds PN (2016)
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2D and 3D mapping of microindentations in hydrated and dehydrated cortical bones using confocal laser scanning microscopy. Journal of Materials Science 47(10):4432-4438.

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Conference proceedings

Shi, B. J., Habili, N., Webb, D. and Symons R.H. (2000) Extensive variation of sequence among grapevine virus B isolates. 13th Meeting of the International Council for the Study of Viruses and Virus-like Diseases of the Grapevine (ICVG).

Tabi, Z., Chambers, L., Webb D., and Gardner I (1990) Hepatitis B infection and immunity in Australian Aborigines.  Australian Society of Microbiology Annual Scientific Meeting

Book chapter

Leitch, A.R., Lim, K.Y., Webb, D.R. and McFadden, G.I. (2001) In situ hybridisation. In Plant Cell Biology, a Practical Approach (Hawes, C. and Satiat-Jeunemaitre, B., eds). Oxford: Oxford University Press.