Dr Felipe Kremer

Material Sciences Electron Microscopy Specialist

Felipe completed his PhD his in Materials Science working on the formation of metal nanoparticles in SiO2/Si interfaces via ion implantation in 2010.

In 2011, he joined the Department of Electronic Materials Engineering (EME) at the ANU as a post-doctoral fellow working on the synthesis and characterisation of nanoparticles in insulators and doping of semiconductors.

Felipe has experience in Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) and Scanning TEM, as well as sample preparation for physical sciences. In addition, he has experience with other characterisation techniques such as Rutherford Backscattering Spectrometry and Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure.

In July 2015, Felipe joined the Centre for Advanced Microscopy at the ANU as a Physical Sciences Specialist.

Research interests

  • Ion beam synthesis and ion beam analysis;
  • Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and Scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM)
  • X-ray absorption fine structure

Selected publications:

Liang, W., Narangari, P., Tong, J., Michel, J.I., Murdoch, B.J., Sio, H.C., Kho, T., Kremer, F., Armand, S., McIntosh, K., Bullock, J., Fong, K.C. Effect of Al Electrodes on Surface Passivation of TiOx Selective Heterocontacts for Si Solar Cells (2023) Physica Status Solidi - Rapid Research Letters, 17 (3), art. no. 2200304.

Hao, C., Wang, Y., Lu, T., Kremer, F., Withers, R., Liu, C., Zheng, A., Yang, S., Song, X., Ren, X., Liu, Y. High performance magnetostriction of Fe-Cu-Pd ferromagnetic strain glass: Local chemical ordering induced martensitic nanodomains morphology with low modulus (2023) Acta Materialia, 245, art. no. 118650.

Adhikari, S., Kremer, F., Lysevych, M., Jagadish, C., Tan, H.H. Core-shell GaN/AlGaN nanowires grown by selective area epitaxy (2023) Nanoscale Horizons, 8 (4), pp. 530-542.

Wibowo, A.A., Tebyetekerwa, M., Bui, A.D., Truong, T.N., Saji, S., Kremer, F., Yang, Z., Yin, Z., Lu, Y., Macdonald, D., Nguyen, H.T.
Hybrid Alkali Salt Catalysts-Promoted CVD Growth of 2D MoSe2–WSe2 and WSe2–MoSe2 Lateral Heterostructures (2023) Advanced Materials Technologies.

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Mota-Santiago, P., Nadzri, A., Kremer, F., Bierschenk, T., Canto, C.E., Rodriguez, M.D., Notthoff, C., Mudie, S., Kluth, P. Characterisation of silicon oxynitride thin films and their response to swift heavy-ion irradiation (2022) Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 55 (14), art. no. 145301.

Peng, J., Kremer, F., Walter, D., Wu, Y., Ji, Y., Xiang, J., Liu, W., Duong, T., Shen, H., Lu, T., Brink, F., Zhong, D., Li, L., Lee Cheong Lem, O., Liu, Y., Weber, K.J., White, T.P., Catchpole, K.R. Centimetre-scale perovskite solar cells with fill factors of more than 86 per cent (2022) Nature, 601 (7894), pp. 573-578.

Saraswathy Vilasam, A.G., Prasanna, P.K., Yuan, X., Azimi, Z., Kremer, F., Jagadish, C., Chakraborty, S., Tan, H.H. Epitaxial Growth of GaAs Nanowires on Synthetic Mica by Metal–Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (2022) ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 14 (2), pp. 3395-3403.

Azimi, Z., Gopakumar, A., Li, L., Kremer, F., Lockrey, M., Wibowo, A.A., Nguyen, H.T., Tan, H.H., Jagadish, C., Wong-Leung, J. Effective Passivation of InGaAs Nanowires for Telecommunication Wavelength Optoelectronics (2022) Advanced Optical Materials.

Raj, V., Chugh, D., Black, L.E., Shehata, M.M., Li, L., Kremer, F., Macdonald, D.H., Tan, H.H., Jagadish, C. Passivation of InP solar cells using large area hexagonal-BN layers. (2021) npj 2D Materials and Applications, 5 (1), art. no. 12.

Mai, H., Lu, T., Sun, Q., Langley, J., Cox, N., Kremer, F., Duong, T., Catchpole, K., Chen, H., Yi, Z., Frankcombe, T.J., Liu, Y. Defect engineering for creating and enhancing bulk photovoltaic effect in centrosymmetric materials (2021) Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 9 (22), pp. 13182-13191.

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