Fluorescence microscope - Leica DM6000

Image of the Leica DM6000

The Leica DM6000 is a fluorescent, motorised upright microscope originally associated with a confocal microscope featuring ultra-high end Plan –Apochromatic CS (confocal scanning) lenses (10, 20x dry, 20x multi-immersion, 40, 63 and 100x oil, 40 and 63x water dipping). CCIC constant colour temperature technology.

1 button change over between Brightfield-DIC-Polarisation. Polarisation is available on all lenses, DIC on 10x 20x dry 20x multi and 63x oil 3 colour fluorescence available, with Long Pass UV, Blue and Green filters.

All microscope features can be accessed via on-microscope touch screen or via Leica LAS software. SPOT FLEX 16Mp colour camera.


All new users receive one-on-one training.

Attending the Introduction to Light Microscopy workshop will give users a deeper understanding of light microscopy and help users to improve the quality of their data.