The JEM-F200 (F2 for short) is the latest generation of multi-purpose transmission electron microscopes from JEOL. It was built to serve a wide-variety of needs. Its new computer controlled interface is optimized for a user friendly experience. 

The instrument installed in CAM combines the low energy dispersion provided by a Cold Field Emission Gun (C-FEG) source with a large pole piece gap (JEOL CF-CR with Cs = 2.0 mm). This configuration allows the system to achieve high-resolution images with resolution down to 2.7 Å (point resolution) and lattice imaging resolution down to 1.4 Å while still being able to perform tilts of up to 70º required for Tomography and MicroED experiments. 

This system is also capable to perform Single Particle Analysis (SPA) screening experiments due to the combination of low ice contamination buildup and the available Gatan Elsa cryo-holder and electron counting camera DE16 from Direct Electron. 

Other available attachments: 

  • Gatan Rio16 CMOS camera; 
  • JEOL Single tilt holder; 
  • JEOL Double tilt holder.