Cryo instruments

Figure 1: CAM's cryo instruments (L-R): ZEISS Crossbeam 550, JEOL JEM-F200 and JEOL "CRYO ARM™ 200"

Cryo-electron microscopy allows cells and biological molecules to be observed in their near-live state (i.e. without fixation and staining). This microscopy technique is particularly valuable for atomic-scale structural analysis of individual molecules such as proteins, complexes and virus particles.

CAM houses a suite of cryo instruments, including a ZEISS Crossbeam (Focussed Ion Beam/Scanning Electron Microscope FIB/SEM) 550, a JEOL JEM-F200 (cryo) screening Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) and a dedicated cryo-TEM with an autoloader, the JEOL "CRYO ARM™ 200" (JEM-Z200FSC).

CAM also has equipment for preparing vitrified samples for imaging (single particle analysis and tomography), including a glow discharge unit, a Leica EM ICE High Pressure Freezer, an EM GP2 Plunge Freezer with humidity control for reproducible grid preparation and a ZEISS Crossbeam 550, for on-grid cryo lamella preparation.