Joanne Lee

Life Sciences Microscopy Specialist

Joanne graduated from the ANU with a Bachelor of Science. Joanne completed her Masters degree in Applied Science (Microscopy and Microanalysis) at the University of Sydney in 2010. During her Masters, Joanne conducted a research project, which investigated how actin cytoskeleton associated proteins could affect the formation of actin-based membrane protrusions in breast cancer cell invasion and migration.

In 2011, Joanne joined CAM as a Biological Microscopist. Joanne provides technical support and training in wide range of biological microscopy techniques and manages the life science laboratory at CAM. Joanne specialises in life science TEM, SEM and CLEM applications, including sample preparation and relevant instrument usage.

Currently, Joanne is also pursuing a PhD at the Research School of Biology, ANU. Her research is focused on characterising lipid droplets in malaria parasite.

Research interests

Joanne has a particular interest in the complexity of cells and has been involved in developing various novel sample preparation and microscopy techniques to investigate and decipher cell structures and cellular machinery.

Joanne’s current academic research focuses on developing a method to investigate intracellular lipid storage and dynamics in various life cycle stages of Plasmodium falciparum.

Selected publications

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