Characterising Lipid droplets (LD) in various life cycle stages of Plasmodium sp.

Lipid Droplets in Plasmodium Lipid Droplets in Plasmodium

Many stages across the Plasmodium life cycle have changing demands in storage and mobilisation of lipids. We have identified that the profile of lipid groups, including neutral lipids, changes significantly between blood stage Plasmodium falciparum parasites. 

In this project, we set out to study the biogenesis, morphology and composition of Plasmodium lipid droplets, which have not been explored in detail. Identifying proteins involved in lipid metabolism, stress responses and cell signalling and functional studies of these regulatory molecules might reveal new drug targets to combat malaria.

The project will be performed in close collaboration with Alex Maier''s lab (ANU), who have laid the groundwork to this study. Research and analysis will also be undertaken in collaboration with:

  • Martin Blume's, Andreas Herrmann's, and Kai Matuschewski’s groups at HUB
  • Lara Malin's group at ANU, and
  • Elena Levashina’s Group at the Max Planck Institute