JEOL 8530F Plus Electron Probe Microanalyser

Volcanic sample from Mount Hagen in Papua-New Guinea: Microprobe image by Monika Misztela Delicate dendritic crystals of the minerals olivine and pyroxene that crystallised from a lava flow: Microprobe image by Antony Burnham Uranium distribution in hyalite opal from Zacatecas, Mexico: Microprobe image by Bozana Pasic

The JEOL JXA-8530F Plus is a state of the art Electron Probe Microanalyser (EPMA) capable of performing quantitative elemental analysis of small volumes (1-5μm) in solid materials.

It is equipped with a Schottky Field Emission (FE) gun which greatly enhances available image resolution over a wide range of analytical conditions (kV, probe current). It is therefore especially suited to performing analysis at low kV, enabling quantitative analysis of fine grained features.

Accelerating Voltage: 1 to 30kV (0.1 kV steps)
Number of WDS spectrometers: 5, (2-4 crystals per spectrometer)
EDS Detectors: 1, high count rate, 30mm JEOL SDD
Element analysis range: B to U
Probe current stability: <0.3%/hr
Secondary electron image resolution: 3nm @ 30kV; 20nm @ 10kV, 10n; 50nm @ 10kV, 100nA
Magnification: x40 to x 300,000
Image pixel resolution: up to 5120 x 3840



All new users receive one-on-one training.

Attending the Introduction to Quantitative Microprobe Analysis workshop will give users a deeper understanding of SEM and help users to improve the quality of their data.


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